About Us

Shiptacotel Express is a Turkish based international shipping and courier service company. We belong to a distinguished class of logistics companies providing international and domestic express delivery services. Our footprints are also clearly visible in the areas of freight forwarding, haulage services, mail room services, warehousing and distribution services and e-commerce logistics. Our rapid growth has largely been propelled by an excellent team of professionals offering prompt and secure delivery of shipments and comparative friendly charges. Innovation is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, and has long been a driving force in the growth of Shiptacotel logistics. It originally stems from listening to customers and developing new products and services that address market needs. At Shiptacotel, creativity is celebrated and rewarded. Small and big ideas come from all levels of the company to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Shiptacotel was built on a new combination of existing ideas that turned us into the original logistics disruptor. Our innovative hub-and-spoke system was uniquely developed to deliver overnight express packages to any and all points on our network by a certain time. We do package tracking because we know that information about the package was as important as the package itself. Why is innovation important? Because things are always changing. In this click-driven world, new becomes old very fast. Traditional solutions won’t work in new circumstances, but recombining existing ideas often can. Shiptacotel stands at the nexus of the virtual and physical world and is still building on the benefits that innovation and technology bring. Our purpose as a company is to connect people with possibilities, and we know technology helps us do that in a big way.


We believe that a connected world is a better world. When people make connections, the power of technology, transportation, information, and ideas compound and multiply. Innovation soars and energizes the marketplace. Entrepreneurs and big businesses alike create jobs that lift their communities to higher standards of living. By helping businesses build stronger and more nimble supply chains, we make it easier for customers to access new markets and materials.